Meet Asha Dullabh

Asha Dullabh is a highly trained and experienced holistic Clinical Psychologist who has dedicated her career to helping individuals achieve balance and well-being in their lives. With a focus on treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - Asha employs a range of therapeutic techniques to address the underlying causes of mental and emotional distress. She is passionate about empowering her clients to make meaningful changes in their lives and works collaboratively with them to develop personalized treatment plans that reflect their unique needs and goals. With her compassionate and supportive approach, Asha has helped countless individuals overcome challenges, heal from trauma, and achieve greater clarity, resilience, and fulfillment.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.


  • People who are wanting to start a healing process, either alone or with a therapist of their choice and would like a preliminary map to guide them to start thinking about their life.
  • People who are on a spiritual journey, who is seeking a holistic approach to healing, that integrates mind, body and soul.
  • People who are willing to deliberately delve deeper into their lives and not continue to avoid the nudges that life so often gives us, the nudges for change and growth.
  • People that are wishing to shift something in their life.


  • Not for those who are not ready for healing, change, or discovering more about themselves. This workshop is the start for transformation.
  • Not for those who are seeking a scientific evidence-based understanding of life, this is a personal journey. Its about practical curiosity into oneself.
  • Not for those who don’t believe in themselves or have little intention to access their ever flowing wellbeing within them.

Doing or Being

What is the real difference between the two? We all have to do and be, but can we find a balance? Lets explore these questions in this workshop.

Life vs Living

How are you doing your introspection in life?

What or How

What to do in life and how we do it are two interrelated questions that often come up when we are trying to implement change in our life. In this course, we begin to answer these two questions to give you more clarity.

Introduction and Welcome

Example Curriculum

Evolutionary Well-being